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Nov.15.2015 | JSTOR

Social Science History Association

Frank Smith will be presenting at SSHA 2015. Stop by to hear about the future of scholarly publishing!
Nov.05.2015 | JSTOR

Charleston 2015

Join us at Charleston 2015. JSTOR will be in the booth to discuss our DRM-free ebooks, Arts & Sciences XIV collection and much more!
Nov.04.2015 | ITHAKA S+R

Dismantling the Stumbling Blocks that Impede Researchers’ Access to E-Resources: A Workshop at the Charleston Conference

Nov.04.2015 | ITHAKA S+R

Workshop at the Charleston Conference: Defining a Discovery Role for Your Library

Oct.13.2015 | ITHAKA S+R

Roger Schonfeld at STM's Frankfurt Conference

Oct.08.2015 | JSTOR

Frankfurt Book Fair 2015

JSTOR will be attending Frankfurt Book Fair! A representative will be in the booth to discuss our new collections as well as our DRM-free ebooks. 
Sep.26.2015 | JSTOR

EuroIA 2015

Christina Spencer and Matthew Martin will be presenting a case study that outlines the process by which a mobile design strategy was developed for Following is a description of the techniques. This session will discuss the execution of and insights gathered by each.
Sep.18.2015 | JSTOR

Big Design 2015

Sep.10.2015 | JSTOR

Professional and Scholarly Publishing

Alex Humphries will join Kate Lawrence of EBSCO to speak as part of the PSP Committee for Digital Innovation’s (CDI) Fall Seminar Series in Selected Topics in Digital Publishing.
Sep.09.2015 | ITHAKA S+R

Roger Schonfeld at the ALPSP Conference in London

Roger Schonfeld is chairing a plenary session on "Researching Researchers: Developing Evidence-Based Strategy for Improved Discovery and Access" at the ALPSP Conference on Wednesday, September 9.